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Manage and track drilling and completion activities for a few wells or across the entire organization.

​Properly managing and optimizing drilling operations requires an information management system that can capture, track, report, and analyze all activities at the rig. OpenWells software manages and tracks drilling and completion activities for a few wells or across your entire organization. OpenWells software simplifies data collection and streamlines reporting and analysis. The software also offers the industry's only interactive user interface, and is integrated with Landmark's Engineer's Data Model™ database and engineering tools.

Get a comprehensive operations solution.
OpenWells software manages operations for the full life of a well – from site sourcing through to abandonment. It is an invaluable tool for documenting, managing, and optimizing all types of drilling and completions operations, from deepwater to unconventional, to mature fields.

Save time with an intuitive interface.
Manage information for each well from an interactive canvas illustrating each well. Simply click the various components to enter information on simple forms, and output the information in the same format for easy reporting. Point and click data entry and reporting saves time and dramatically simplifies training of new users.

Capture data once, use it everywhere.
Integrated with Landmark's industry leading Engineer's Data Model™ (EDM™) database and comprehensive suite of engineering applications, data captured via OpenWells software is automatically available to other applications and OpenWells software can read from other sources. For example, well design parameters such as well path, casings, BHAs, or completions strings specified by engineers using other tools can used in OpenWells reports. This speeds up reporting and analysis and ensures the same information is used throughout the organization.

Drive operational excellence.
Knowing the performance of prior wells and activities can help identify best practices and avoid costly mistakes. The Data Analyzer™ feature mines data to uncover hidden gems. The Lessons Learned feature enables engineers to record team observations and document improvements for the next well.


​Completions, intervention, and workover supervisors are challenged with managing ongoing operations at multiple sites, making productive, efficient and accurate data collection, management, and reporting vital. OpenWells® Mobile for Workovers software enables supervisors to quickly and easily view, enter, and manage well data on the go using an Apple iPad®. This mobile solution is based on Landmark's industry-leading OpenWells reporting solution and integrates with any EDM™ database.

Simplify data collection and reporting.

Designed specifically for workover, completion, and intervention operations, OpenWells Mobile software offers simple streamlined forms that can be easily customized for any organization. View the wellbore schematics and manage data for daily operations, casing, cementing, perforations, stimulations, pipe tally, test, and wellbore equipment. Use the iPad camera to capture and store images with reports and create standard PDF outputs to view, print, or email. The easy-to-use interface, slim design, and long battery life make it a perfect mobile tool.

Remotely manage wells both off- and online.

OpenWells Mobile for Workovers software operates both online and offline, so supervisors are productive whether they are connected to a network or not. Wirelessly download the latest well information to the iPad for offline use. Any changes and updates made offline in the field will synchronize with the EDM database the next time the iPad connects to the network.

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Software Requirements
- Engineer's Data Model™ 5000.1
- Supports standalone implementations through SQL Server Express 2005
- Supports network implementations through Oracle® 10g and SQL Server 2005
Operating system support
- Microsoft® Windows® 7
- Enterprise 64-bit with SP1
- Microsoft Windows Vista
- Enterprise 64-bit with SP2
- Windows 2008 Server SP2, 64-bit
- Citrix XenApp 6.0
- Oracle
- Oracle
- SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1
- 2GHz processor, 2 GB RAM or greater           
- 3GB disk space
- SVGA color monitor, 3D graphics card
OpenWells Mobile
- Apple iPad version 2 or newer
- EDM AutoSync Server 5000.1.10.1 or later
- EDM version 5000.1.10 or later
- Apple iOS 5.1 or later
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